Your credit card machine requires use of a telephone line for authorizations and settlements. Usually, the fax machine port is ideal if available. If the line is in use
Your credit card machine will wait stating “line in use”.
Your machine also requires AC Power. The machine should be left on to auto settle if you forgot to settle. Both the telephone line and AC Power line should be protected by a surge protector of at least 21000 joules. Machines fried by surges are not covered under warranty.

Your credit card machine has 2 main functions:
1.Authorizing a credit card when it is swiped or entered
2.Settling that days business at end of day
-So, Authorization is just that, the credit card presented is checked by the card provider to confirm it is still active and will support the charge amount you have entered. Then, a receipt is printed for the customer to sign. Finally, a customer receipt is printed (NO SIGNATURE LINE) for the customer to take with them. KEEP the signed customer receipt in your safe.
- If a customer returns for a refund BEFORE daily SETTLEMENT, you can only VOID the transaction as you have not been paid until you settle that day.

- Settlement- At end of day you should push the settlement button to actually charge the credit cards authorized during the day. Your machine will print a report for your review,
Which you should review for any obvious errors. (A $50 sale was entered as $5 or $500)
This gives you a last opportunity to correct any mistakes before the customer’s card is actually charged. If the report appears correct, select “enter” and the settlement is done.
A receipt prints out that has the settlement amount and usually “settlement OK”.
These receipts will exactly match the deposit to your designated bank account in 24-48 hours. If you forget to manually settle, I have also set your machine to “auto settle”
As charges not settled daily may be charged 1% more by Visa/Mastercard.
Discover charges are deposited separately in 72 hours.
American Express charges are deposited separately in 5 business days.

All settlements can be reviewed (24 hours later) online by going to Enter your merchant number as the username and your telephone number as the password, CHANGE your password upon entry the first time.

Should you have any questions regarding anything, please call the PAI Helpdesk at
888-501-2273. They will request your merchant ID which is the 12 digit number printed out on all receipts. If you do not receive the answers you requested please contact me at
309-532-4168 cell or
**Be sure to display your signage on your front door or window, and all paperwork.

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